Ultimate Hydraulic Jack with Mounting Clamps

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Ultimate Hydraulic Jack with Mounting Clamps

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  • Max. Lifting Height: 48''
  • Travel: 21.25''
  • Lifting Range: 6'' - 48''
  • Compressed Height: 35''
  • Extended Height: 56.3''
  • Weight: 25.5 lbs
  • Max Lifting Capacity: 2,000 kg / 4,410 lbs
  • Fluid: Hydraulic Mineral Oil
  • Fluid Capacity: 1200ml

Take your lifting experience to the next level with the Ultimate Hydraulic Jack equipped with mounting clamps.

Experience effortless lifting with the Ultimate Hydraulic Jack. Powered by hydraulic technology, this jack enables smooth and efficient operation with minimal human force required. Say goodbye to strenuous lifting and let the hydraulic system do the work for you. With a simple pump of the handle, you can effortlessly raise heavy loads with ease. The hydraulic mechanism ensures precise control and stability, allowing you to perform the jack with confidence and ease. Whether you're lifting vehicles, machinery, or other heavy objects, the hydraulic power of this jack guarantees a hassle-free lifting experience. Upgrade to the Ultimate Hydraulic Jack and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of hydraulic lifting.

Enhance the stability and safety of your hydraulic jacks with these heavy-duty mounting clamps. Specifically designed for use with our hydraulic jacks, this set includes 2 durable clamps. The clamps provide a secure and reliable attachment, ensuring that your jack remains in place during operation. With their heavy-duty construction, these clamps are built to withstand demanding applications and provide long-lasting performance.

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