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Does VanUp offer any other products that aren't listed on the website?

Yes! We offer every product that is sold by our affiliated brands. Please call or email us with your accessory request.

Does VanUp ship parts and accessories?

VanUp currently does not ship parts and accessories, but that is subject to change in the future. VanUp prides itself on being a full service, custom upfit shop. We offer a high end, quality installation experience for our customers at our state of the art facility.

What vans does VanUp offer product installation on?

VanUp has accessories that fit on the Promaster, Sprinter, and Transit platforms.

How long is the wait time to schedule an appointment at VanUp?

Unlike other custom shops, we are able to get customers in within a few days. Also, we work very efficiently and can have your van completed in a few days after drop off.

I have a Promaster van, what is the most popular product that VanUp offers for my adventure van?

Adding a spare tire is an essential accessory for every promaster customer, as they do not come with one stock. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, out of cellphone range with a flat and without a spare.

I own a Mercedes Sprinter van, what are some of the most popular products VanUp offers for my van?

Two of the most pressing concerns for Mercedes Sprinter owners are storage and ride comfort. The large expedition style storage box allows van owners to securely store their possessions in the rear door mounted box. In order to improve the ride of the van, VanUp offers the Agile Offroad RIP Kit. The RIP kit is for every van owner, from freeway drivers to passionate off-roaders. Regardless of what one does with their adventure van, they will benefit from the improved safety, handling, and comfort of the RIP kit. VanUp is the only van upfitter that offers both of these popular products at the same shop.

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