Advanced Recovery Kit (5 items + 2 Storage Bag + 1 Velcro tape)

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Advanced Recovery Kit (5 items + 2 Storage Bag + 1 Velcro tape)

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Introducing our Advanced Recovery Kit - an elevated collection of premium gear designed to tackle even the most challenging off-road recovery scenarios. This kit includes powerful tools that offer superior performance and reliability, ensuring you're always prepared for any recovery operation.

1. 7/8" x 30' Kinetic Rope, engineered with high-quality materials for exceptional energy absorption. This kinetic rope is your go-to solution for those demanding recovery situations where maximum strength and elasticity are crucial.

2. 2pcs 3/8" x 19" Soft Shackles with Sleeve. These soft shackles are crafted to withstand heavy loads while ensuring damage-free recovery. Store them securely in the included sleeve and storage bag, keeping them organized and protected.

3. 1pc Snatch Ring, enabling safe and efficient vehicle recovery. Count on its reliability to complement your recovery efforts effectively. Store it securely in the provided storage bag for easy access when needed.

With the Advanced Recovery Kit from Mojab Offroad, you'll be equipped with the finest gear to overcome any recovery challenge that comes your way. Trust in our commitment to excellence to take your off-road adventures to the next level.

*Lifetime warranty applicable only to the kinetic rope and Soft shackle included in this kit

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