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Heavy-Duty Recovery Kit (14 items + 9 storage bags, 4 Velcro tapes) *Lifetime Warranty

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This Heavy Duty Recovery Kit is a reliable solution for your recovery needs. This kit, consisting of 27 items, is designed to handle various recovery situations.

Here's what you'll find in this comprehensive kit:

  1. 2pcs 3/4'' Black Steel Shackles (8T): These heavy-duty shackles are capable of handling demanding loads and provide a reliable connection point during recoveries.

  2. 1pc XL Black Snatch Ring (diameter 4.7'') with Storage Bag: This versatile snatch ring enables safe and efficient vehicle recovery. Keep it secure in the included storage bag.

  3. 1pc 7/8" x 30' Kinetic Rope: This high-quality kinetic rope offers excellent energy absorption, making it ideal for challenging recovery scenarios.

  4. 2pcs 3/8" x 19" Soft Shackles with Sleeve and Storage Bag: These soft shackles provide strength and durability. The included sleeve and storage bag keep them organized and protected.

  5. 1pc Strap and Rope Sleeve (11'' width x 50'' length x 1/8'' thick) : This Neoprene sleeve is an essential protective gear designed to saeguard your straps or ropes during recovery operations.
  6. 1pc 3'' x 8' Tree Saver Strap/Tow Strap/Winch Strap with Storage Bag: This versatile strap serves multiple purposes, including tree-saving, towing, and winching. The storage bag keeps it secure and accessible.

  7. 1pc 3'' x 20' Tow Strap/Winch Strap with Storage Bag: With its extended length, this tow strap/winch strap provides versatility in various recovery situations. The storage bag ensures easy storage and retrieval.

  8. 1pc 3" x 3' Short Strap/Winch Strap with Storage Bag: This compact strap is perfect for smaller recovery needs. Store it safely in the included storage bag.

  9. 1pc 2" x 3' Short Strap/Winch Strap: This short strap provides a convenient option for connecting and securing your recovery equipment.

  10. XL Multi-Purpose Tool Bag: This spacious tool bag offers ample storage for your recovery gear and can also be used for other purposes.

  11. 1 pair Work/Driving Gloves with Touchscreen Compatibility and Bag: These gloves provide excellent grip and protection during recovery operations. The touchscreen compatibility allows you to use your devices without removing the gloves. Keep them neatly stored in the included bag. (Size Options: Large or X-Large)

  12. USB Charging Headlamp with Storage Bag: Illuminate your surroundings with this USB charging headlamp, ensuring optimal visibility in low-light conditions. The included storage bag keeps it protected when not in use.

  13. 5 Velcro Tapes: These Velcro tapes are excellent for organizing cables and keeping your gear tidy.


*Lifetime warranty applicable only to the kinetic rope, Soft Shackle and Tow Straps included in this kit

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