B6 Front Struts Promaster (Pair)


B6 Front Struts Promaster (Pair)

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Upgrade the performance of your Ram ProMaster with Bilstein B6 Front Struts. These struts are designed to optimize your vehicle’s performance and handling – providing a smooth ride, exceptional control, and improved durability. With world-renowned Bilstein quality backing up the design, you can depend on these struts for many years of driving.

Bilstein B6 shock absorbers and struts provide consistent fade free performance utilizing a monotube design. Their unique velocity sensitive digressive piston reacts to changing road conditions to give you an unparalleled riding experience. All Bilstein B6 struts are custom tuned for maximum performance in specific applications – ensuring they perform just as well as they look.

Hit the road with full confidence knowing your Ram ProMaster is equipped with top of the line Bilstein B6 Front Struts. Built to last and improve control, these shocks will take you everywhere with ease, comfort and style. Get your pair today and see what it feels like to drive in luxury.

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