Juggernaut Generator Promaster Skid Plate


Juggernaut Generator Promaster Skid Plate

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All Generator skids now come with the stand-off kit. See installation instructions and product description photos to see if your generator requires the stand-off kit for installation. 

After having a few customer come into our shop with damage on their low hanging rear generators, we came up with a 3/16" steel skid plate that will protect the generator from rocks, road debris and bottoming out on fire roads!

We have tested them on the Ram Winnebago Solis/Travato and Thor Sequence, but should fit any similarly mounted generator!  

  • Includes hole for easy oil changes on the generator!
  • Works for generators that are lower or flush with the existing chassis mounts!
  • Easy bolt on installation that clamps to the factory generator mounting bracket. Just need to tighten 4 bolts!
  • Only adds 3/16" to the bottom of the generator!
  • Powder-coated black for rust and abrasion resistance!
  • Weighs around 35lbs!
  • Made in Denver, CO!

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