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Introducing the all-new Star-Mount for Gen 3 Starlink – the ultimate safeguard and mounting solution for your Generation 3 Starlink Dish. As Starlink unveils its Generation 3 Dish featuring a sleek, flat, and low-profile design, the need for enhanced protection and flexible mounting options becomes paramount. This is where the new Star-Mount comes into play, offering a robust and innovative solution to these needs.

Unlike prior generations of Star-Mounts, the Gen 3 Starlink dish does NOT need to be modified for a flat mounting solution. This new product allows you to simply "drop-in" your new Gen 3 dish into our mount without ANY modification. This ensures your Starlink is still safeguarded against water and dust intrusion, allows for easy install and removal at home, and keeps your warranty in tact.

The Generation 3 Dish introduces a practical "Kick Stand" for easy placement on flat surfaces. Yet, when it comes to vehicle mounting, additional support is required. The Star-Mount Protective Mount steps in to fill this gap, providing a secure and adaptable mounting system. Whether you prefer through-bolts for a permanent fix via machined holes in the mount's base, or the flexibility of magnets and suction cups for temporary placement, this mount caters to all scenarios. For those moments when you arrive at your destination and wish to use the Kick Stand, the mount can be easily detached, offering you the best of both worlds.

Protection is a key aspect of the Star-Mount. Similar to the vulnerability of a new smartphone without a case, the Generation 3 Starlink Dish's edges and corners are exposed to potential damage. The Star-Mount encases your Starlink Dish in a protective shell, guarding against wear and tear, and ensuring your connection remains uninterrupted.


  • No Modification Required: Your Starlink Gen 3 dish will drop right into this mount without any cutting or modifying.
  • Wrap-Around Protection: Our Star-Mount case protects your dish the whole way around, but leaves the top open for optimal connection to satellites.
  • Star Board Construction: For highest protection against UV rays and the elements
  • Stainless Steel hardware: Prevents rust or corrosion from forming.
  • AirTag Slot: We added an additional cavity for an Airtag to be placed inside (shown with pelican case sold separately), making sure you know where your Star-Mount is at all times.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Choose from suction cups, magnets, or our Quick-Release Mount

Additionally, our optional Quick-Release Mount allows you to easily install and remove your Star-Mount from your vehicle or any flat surface. This ideal solution allows you to move your Starlink setup from one vehicle to the next, or remove it when not in use. Simply install the quick-release mount wherever you need it, "slide in" your encased dish, and fasten two screws in the retaining bracket to hold it in place. Now, attaching and detaching your Starlink Dish is smoother and faster than ever, providing a seamless experience.


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