No Rub Fender Textured Black


No Rub Fender Textured Black

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Big wheels & off-road tires look great on any van! However, the 2019+ (VS30) Sprinter’s small front wheel arches make fitting 17″ wheels with large all-terrain tires problematic. The newest Sprinter is an improvement over the previous generation in every way (except for tire clearance). But now, thanks to our newly developed “No-Rub” front fender fitting larger wheels & tires is now possible. Maximum recommended tire size Sprinter 4×4: 275/70-R17* Maximum recommended tire size Sprinter 2wd: 265/70-R17* *Requires No Rub fenders. Our Sprinter Front “No-Rub” fender is constructed from ABS/TPO plastic and simply bolts-on in place of the original fender. The factory mudguard bolts right onto the mini-fender for a clean near-factory fit installation. The “No-Rub” fender is available in two finishes: Textured Black TPO Plastic & Color-Matched Smooth ABS Plastic. The Textured Black finish gives your van a ruggedized off-road look. The Color-Matched Smooth ABS Plastic finish blends in so well with the rest of the exterior only a highly trained eye would even notice they’re there. We’ve also made Unpainted Smooth ABS Plastic available for those who wish to handle painting on their own.

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