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Sprinter Side Steps

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The shape of our sides steps was carefully considered to offer the optimal blend of function and protection. We went big with the front step as it is the most used. Then the side steps taper back toward the rear of the van. This tapered design allows the van to more easily navigate tight terrain and not get hung up on rocks, logs etc. Additionally, we extended the driver's side step almost all the way down the van to offer additional rocker protection and storage.

Works for Revel and Storyteller: While these steps are easily installed on Sprinter 144" vans (170" coming soon), we also designed them to install easily to the existing brackets that come on Revel and Storyteller. This means you can upgrade your Revel or Storyteller (coming soon) without having to drop water tanks etc. When ordering simply select your model of van and we will include the appropriate brackets to bolt right to the factory brackets on your van. *Revel and Storyteller will require moving the front OEM brackets rearward slightly. This will require the rivnut tool from amazon at the bottom of the page. 

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