Aluminum Recessed Winch Shackle with Fairlead Kit

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Aluminum Recessed Winch Shackle with Fairlead Kit

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The Aluminum Recessed Winch Shackle with Fairlead Kit is a comprehensive solution that includes both the winch shackle and fairlead. This kit is designed to elevate your winching capabilities and enhance your off-road experience.

The winch shackle, constructed from durable billet aluminum alloy 7075 and Cerakote coated for added strength, is capable of handling heavy loads with a maximum rated capacity of 19,000 lbs. But what sets this kit apart is its innovative design. The winch shackle is recessed within the fairlead, providing a significantly improved approach angle. The fairlead fits most winches available on the market, with a center-to-center hole distance of 10 inches

With the recessed configuration, the winch shackle sits flush within the fairlead, minimizing interference and allowing for a better approach angle. This means you can navigate challenging terrain with greater ease and efficiency, maximizing your off-road capabilities.

The kit also includes two stainless steel socket head screws, two bolts, two washers, two lock washers, and two retaining rings for easy installation and secure attachment. With these components, you can confidently rely on the strength and stability of your winch setup.

In addition to its impressive features, the Aluminum Recessed Winch Shackle offers the convenience of serviceable hardware. The latch included in the kit can be easily replaced and serviced, ensuring long-term reliability and functionality.

With regular use, wear and tear are inevitable. However, with our serviceable latch, you can easily maintain and extend the lifespan of your winch setup. Should the latch require replacement or servicing, the process is straightforward, allowing you to keep your equipment in optimal condition without the need for a complete overhaul.

Upgrade your winch system with this Aluminum Recessed Winch Shackle with Fairlead Kit and experience enhanced performance, improved approach angles, and the confidence to tackle any recovery situation with ease.

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