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People asked for it and Owl listened! One of their most popular cargo boxes is the Monster Box, but it's extra large and lots of people wanted a slightly smaller option. Owl Vans has released the all new Mini-Monster Box. Like the Monster Box it's made of a durable aluminum and features a clam-shell opening and drop down work table. It also has a top door that folds up to allow for use at night with an LED light. It's pre-drilled for the B2, and rigorously trail-tested for lifelong reliability. This box is the same size as Owl's standard Large Expedition box. 

Size - 30"-Tall/24"-Wide/16"-Deep


Dual-Fold Door - The bottom door folds down providing a stable working area for setting up a grill, food prep or many other tasks. The top door folds up and allows for use of an LED light. Now when you're working at night you can see your work area with just a tap. Does not work with top-mounted "Gear Cage." A new Gear Cage is in development.

Gear Plates - On the front of the Mini-Monster box is Owl's signature hold and slot design allowing you to mount your must-have small trail accessories.

Weight - All aluminum construction means this box is still lightweight, less than 60lbs

Mounting - While the Mini-Monster box can mount to almost anything, it is pre-drilled for the Owl B2 

Adjustable Shelf - The Mini-Monster box comes standard with an adjustable shelf that can be moved up and down. Additional shelves can be purchased separately.

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