Inhabit Mercedes VS30 Mats Complete Set Deep Grey

Inhabit Mercedes VS30 Mats Complete Set Deep Grey

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Make your Sprinter feel like home with the new Inhabit Floor Mat system! The VS30 front mats cover the entire front cab of your van. They include, the driver, passenger, middle “P” and “T” sections, and both side steps. They are easy to install and include all necessary hardware and instructions. When connected together, they form a continuous surface that extends from underneath the dashboard to just behind the seats.

All Inhabit products are made from materials that were developed for the marine industry to withstand harsh conditions. So wherever your rig takes you, these mats are up for the challenge!

In addition to being incredibly durable, these mats have other benefits such as, thermal insulation properties, sound absorption, they feel good to the touch, are waterproof, and are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Most importantly it will change the way you experience the interior living space with added design and comfort.


One of the biggest advantages of Inhabit products is their cleanability. Whether you’re cleaning up a small mess or a large one, our products can be easily returned to like-new condition with minimal effort. Most isolated messes can be cleaned up using a terry-towel rag and water. For general cleanings, we recommend either brooming/sweeping up debris or removing sections of mat and shaking them off outside. Another very effective cleaning method is to use an electric blower or air nozzle to blow debris off of the surface of the mats. When larger-scale/deeper cleaning is needed, we recommend removing the mats from your vehicle and pressure washing the top surface only using an electric pressure washer that does not exceed 1700psi (avoid using any harsh detergents). Hang mats to dry and do not reinstall mats until they are thoroughly dried.

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