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When you are in Baja Mexico as often as the makers of HandETrack, then you know just what it takes to keep your cargo and gear secured over very rough terrain. That's why we patented HandETrack! Utilizing either “e-track” or “a-track” rails, found in many common applications like enclosed trailers, truck beds, cargo vans and semi-trailers, the bolt-down fitting connects to the track system providing a rigid “bolt-down" connection point not previously available in the cargo management industry. The bolt-down fitting provides two hardened steel 5/16”-18 or 1/4"-20 threaded bolt-down points that can be easily relocated across the various anchoring slots of the rails. This bolt-down fitting is compatible with brand name providers of the e-track and a-track rails including Ancra International, Kinedyne and US Cargo Control. Whether it’s in a commercial or recreational application, the uses for this type of bolt-down fitting combined with the versatility of the e-track and a-track rails are endless. This new style of fitting provides the ability to bolt-down everything from spare tires and tools, to custom fixtures for mounting those unique items that complement your job or lifestyle. However, the best feature is how quickly your secured storage needs can be reconfigured with minimal hand tools. 

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