Gray 13.55mm Cable Gland


Gray 13.55mm Cable Gland

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Note: This product is currently only available for installation at Mesa, AZ and Davis, CA or pick up orders.
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Versatile Compatibility

Seaview Cable Seals, also known as CableClams, Cable Glands, or Deck Seals, are engineered to fit a wide range of cables and connectors. With options for 17mm to 34mm (0.67” to 1.38”) connectors, they are ideal for almost every installation.

Robust Construction

Made from UV stable ABS plastic, marine-grade 316 stainless steel, and black anodized aluminum, these seals ensure durability and resistance against harsh weather conditions.

Watertight Integrity

Featuring a tapered rubber seal and base gasket, these cable seals offer a waterproof rating of IPX6 and IPX7, ensuring a clean and watertight installation.

Innovative Design

The low-profile design adds to the aesthetic appeal, providing a strong, impact-resistant, and clean installation without sharp edges. The flush inner rubber seal prevents water collection, enhancing the product's efficiency.

Easy Installation

The split seal design eliminates the need to remove cable connectors during installation. Each cable seal comes with 4 brass drill tubes (6, 8, 10 & 12mm) for clean and easy hole drilling. Stainless steel fasteners are included for added convenience.

Eco-Friendly Approach

Unlike other brands, Seaview includes metal drill tubes that can be recycled or reused, minimizing waste and promoting environmental consciousness.

Customer Satisfaction

With rave reviews and testimonials, Seaview Cable Seals have proven to be a top-shelf product, satisfying various applications such as USV Unmanned Surface Vessels, RV wire installations, and more.


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