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Wheel Size - For the ProMaster Talon we opted for a 16" wheel. This had many advantages. First of all it allows owners of ProMasters to transfer their stock tires over to the Talons and wear them out before upgrading to a more offroad spec tire. Second, a smaller wheel means there is more tire sidewall for a given tire circumference. When aired down that allows the tire to have a much larger contact patch and therefore more traction.

Load Capacity - With the massive weight of modern ProMaster builds we felt it was time to build a wheel that was both lightweight but also drastically increased the load-carrying capacity of the wheel. In basic terms, we wanted something stronger that could take the abuse of a 10,000lbs van pounding the dirt offroad and on.

Offset - The offset of a wheel in basic terms is how much it sticks out the side of the van. All ProMaster wheels are a positive offset and the lower the number the farther the wheel will stick out the side of the van. By having a wheel with a lower offset you widen the track of your van. This means you also lower the center of gravity. This is a massive advantage when offroading in a tall vehicle like a ProMaster Van. 


  • Fits ProMaster Bolt Pattern: 5x130mm
  • Colors: Satin Black, Bronze (Wheel center cap is all BLACK)
  • Size: 16"x 6.5"
  • Hub Bore 78.1
  • Lug Bolt Seat Style: Cone
  • Lightweight rugged aluminum
  • Bead Retention Ring
  • Highest Load rating in the industry: 4200lbs per wheel
  • Dual valve stem system (Apex Valve sold separately)
  • Larger tire sizes may require a mondo kit or some trimming for clearance
  • Tires are not included

Dual Valve Stem System - We know how critical lowering air pressure is for traction off-road. We also show what a pain and how time-consuming lowering tire pressure can be. That's why we decided to innovate on the Owl Talon and include a second valve stem location. This second valve stem allows you to run the factory TPMS (tire pressure monitors) as well as run an Apex quick air dump system. This dual-valve stem system allows for the best of both worlds. 

*Apex valves are not required. If you don't order the Apex valves with the wheels you can simply install a second standard valve stem. 

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