Owl Explorer Sprinter Side Ladder

Owl Explorer Sprinter Side Ladder

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The sleek Owl Explorer Sprinter Side Ladder allows for access to rooftop accessories, as well as a better off-roading experience. The Owl Team has created a narrower/convenient shape with breakaway technology and an universal mount-ability, allowing this ladder to be utilized by any van owner!

  • Fits: 2007-Present vans (NCV3, VS30, Revel, Storyteller, etc)
  • Thor Tranquility - Requires adding a roof rail.
  • Lightweight aluminum constructions (entire ladder just 18lbs)
  • Powder-coated black
  • High clearance design
  • Machined aluminum 50/50 mounts
  • Steel Roof Rack Mount included
  • All Stainless steel or Aluminum hardware
  • Owl rocker-saver breakaway aluminum bolts
  • Modular mountable treads/steps
  • Low-cost shipping compacted to full-length ladders
  • Does NOT fit low roof Sprtiners

Please confirm compatibility with roof racks or side steps before ordering. The ladder takes up 13" from the opening of wheel well to front ladder>


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