Van 5 Must Have Accessories for Your Adventure Van

5 Must Have Accessories for Your Adventure Van

You will find plenty of accessories to add as the need arrives on the road. Getting started out however, every adventure van can benefit from these five core accessory upgrades. A well rounded accessory package improves everything from handling on the road to overall functionality. It’s an investment in performance that has a natural associated aesthetic upgrade.

Full RIP Kit

Stock performance is ok on most Sprinter, Promaster and Transit vans but you won’t be casually cruising around town. Your van will drive old logging roads, dodge potholes in random rural communities and tackle off-road trails. That’s why you need suspension made to handle everything on the pavement and off. So, let ‘er RIP with a kit designed to increase your core suspension performance.

The full RIP Kit includes:

  • Custom rated rear leaf springs
  • Front coilover springs
  • AO MAX Auxiliary Front Shock Mount Kit
  • AO Fox 2.0 Auxiliary Front Shocks
  • AO Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks

With this kit, increased stability and damping deliver superior performance. When you are exploring and pushing the limits, the difference in handling is immediately evident.

Upgraded Tires and Wheels

The suspension upgrades mentioned above make a huge difference but there is no substitute for high quality tires and wheels. Finding the right tire elevates traction, load handling and performance on the highway and off-road. Depending on your driving style, you can go for a very aggressive tire or something designed for versatility. For most overlanders, quality All Terrains are the ticket and our selection includes only the best in value and performance.

For wheels, the upsides are both aesthetic and performance based. Many of our wheel upgrades are flat out attractive and they add that little bit extra that makes your van stand out on the road. They also help with load handling and weight distribution while driving. An important element of wheel upgrades involves bead grip while you air down for traction across sand and snow. If you air down for traction on difficult terrain, upgrade to wheels designed to handle the bumps while keeping a seal on your tires.

nVader Racks

Mounting and exterior storage is a bit of an art and the nVader racks make it easy to mount, dismount and move accessories. Add a bike rack for one trip and remove it to add fuel storage for a diesel heater and ski racks on the next trip. Exclusively offered in a partnership between Flarespace and VanUp, these racks are a game changer for overlander vans.

Think of your nVader racks as the base for all things mounted to the van rear-exterior. The E-Track mounting system attaches accessory mounts in seconds (vertically or horizontally) and offers abundant fittings for carriage bolt and t-slot mounted accessories. The platform creates a blank canvas for you to configure and customize mounted accessories.

Rear Tire Bucket

Attaching the bucket to your nVader racks creates a stable and safe space for your spare tire. The bucket mounts securely with carriage bolts and included spacers ensure the tire has a correct off-set. Mounting bolts for the tire itself complete the package for a slick mounting system that is easy to add and remove if necessary.

Backwoods Storage Box

Stop storing tools, rescue gear and important equipment in your interior where it requires digging and maneuvering for access.. This rear mounted storage box keeps everything quickly accessible in a safe and secure space. Mounting flanges create a tight hold to your nVader racks or other mounting platform. The .125” aluminum keeps the entire unit lightweight while also being ultra-durable and resistant to denting and rust. A strategic gas strut holds the door open while you work and an adjustable shelf means you can customize the way gear is stored to maximize usage of the space.

Your van deserves a makeover

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