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This simple modification makes the rear camera function as it should have from the factory. Currently, Sprinters will shut off the rear camera at any speed over 10mph. This is frustrating because it can be very hard to see out the back of cargo or built-out Sprinter vans. 

Functions seamlessly. Simply touch the camera/parking button to turn it on, touch any other button to move to the standard infotainment system.

Model Year: 2019 - 2022 (Does not work on Cab-Chassis Sprinters. These typically have an RV back not a van back half) 

  • Plug and Play via OBD II port using Hand-Held Module
  • Quick and easy, installs in minutes
  • Overrides the OEM Camera 10 MPH limitation
  • Allows vehicles equipped with factory park assist to turn on backup camera on demand 
  • No need to unplug the Beat Box Stereo to install
  • Activate and remove option with included Hand Held Tuner
  • Includes HHT which allows you to tune and set back to stock without a trace as many times as you want


  • Requires the van to have a factory rear camera (displayed on MBUX infotainment/nav screen)

  • All Stereo and remote starters/auto-starters such as MidCity must be unplugged or disconnected prior to attempting to install the tune. FYI Storyteller Beast Modes have a Midcity auto-start that needs to be disconnected during installation.

  • Pedal Control or Pedal Box must be unplugged to tune, can be plugged back in after

  • For Renntech products, the product software cannot be programmed without your VIN number. The products won't work unless we have this information.  

  •  *For Off-Road Use Only*

 * No returns on Renntech Tuners. Due to the nature of installing a tune, any return or refunds would be at the sole discretion of Renntech. Returns on tunes are only accepted in situations where there is a problem that is unable to be resolved.

*Note - If your van is equipped with remote start equipment, you may need to unplug that remote start equipment to properly load the tune. We recommend installing at home and not before a big trip so that if there are any issues with the installation you are not at a remote location.

*HHT is specific to your VIN and cannot be used for multiple vehicles. The tune may affect warranty, emissions etc. Please research your local laws before purchasing. This tune may not be legal in all states. Increased power may lead to increased wear on motor and driveline components.

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