4700LB 4WD Leaf Spring

4700LB 4WD Leaf Spring

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Note: This product is currently only available for installation at Mesa, AZ and Davis, CA or pick up orders.
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Ride Improvement Focus

Unlike ordinary Sprinter lift springs, Agile's RIP Rear Leaf Springs are built with a focus on RIDE IMPROVEMENT. Replacing your factory tapered spring with a conventional leaf spring tailored to the rear axle weight of your van is the key to a smoother and more stable ride.

Increased Comfort & Stability

Say goodbye to unsettling jolts from potholes, driveways, and washboard dirt roads. These leaf springs maximize your rig's usable suspension travel, making every ride more comfortable and stable, whether on or off the pavement.

2-Inch Lift Capability

The increased spring force of the RIP Spring not only enhances ride quality but also increases your rear ride height by almost 2 inches. This added height enhances your rig's off-road capability without compromising comfort.

Bolt-On Rear Suspension Upgrade

Designed specifically for Mercedes Sprinter 2500 4WD vans, this is a bolt-on rear suspension upgrade that requires no complex modifications. Before placing your order, Agile recommends getting your vehicle weighed to order the RIP Rear Leaf Spring closest to your Rear Axle Weight.

Special Order Part

As a Special Order part tailored to your vehicle, the RIP Rear Leaf Spring may take up to 4 weeks to assemble and ship. Agile will coordinate with you for delivery, ensuring a seamless experience.

Optional Upgrade

Enhance your suspension system further by adding Fox 2.0 rear shocks to your order. It's an upgrade that complements the RIP Rear Leaf Springs for an even more refined ride.

Vehicle Fit

Mercedes Sprinter 2500 (4x4 only)

Second Generation (NCV3) 2014 – 2018

Third Generation (VS30) 2019+

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