Mercedes Black Lug Bolts M14x1.5 33mm

Mercedes Black Lug Bolts M14x1.5 33mm

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The Mercedes Black Lug Bolts M14x1.5 33mm are the perfect accessory to your Sprinter van. Made from high-quality steel, these OEM-style cone-seat lug bolts are designed for superior strength and longevity. The 33mm length works great with 4mm and 5mm wheel spacers, making your car look sleeker than ever. Plus, the black zinc coating ensures a luxurious finish that will please the eye and protect your wheels for years to come. Don't settle for anything less than first-class quality — get the difference you deserve with these extremely reliable 6-pack of Mercedes Black Lug Bolts M14x1.5 33mm today!


  • Steel construction.
  • OEM-style cone-seat lug bolt.
  • 33mm length. For use with 4mm and 5mm spacers.
  • Black zinc coating.
  • Set of 6.


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