AO Revel Loveland Roof Rack Tray

AO Revel Loveland Roof Rack Tray

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Invented as a solution to transport more display gear to Overland Expo, Agile Off Road presents the “Loveland” Revel Roof Storage Tray! Add 9 sq-ft of usable storage to your Winnebago Revel’s factory roof rack by relocating the existing solar panels and installing the Loveland roof basket. This package includes all of the roof rails, crossbars, brackets & hardware necessary to make the most efficient use of the Revel’s limited roof real estate. The solar panel relocation brackets bolt directly to the factory Winnebago roof rack and move both panels to the front of the Revel’s roof. The relocated panels mount high enough to allow plenty of airflow to the front MaxxFan (if equipped). The Loveland tray then mounts toward the rear of the roof. The kit is compatible with Revels with or without factory A/C.


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