Van Compass VS30 Rear Tug Step

Van Compass VS30 Rear Tug Step

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The Van Compass VS30 Rear Tug Step is the perfect solution for easy loading of cargo on the new Mercedes Sprinter VS30. This full-width step bolts onto the vehicle using the factory rear hitch as an attachment point, without impeding the functionality of the receiver hitch. The step is high clearance and features no loss of ground clearance or departure angle, all while providing an extra level of protection from inconsiderate drivers who like to get too close to our vans when parking in tight spots. The main chassis tie in plates of the rear step are constructed from 3/8” thick high strength steel and feature anchor points for 3/4” D-ring shackles, which makes this step extremely sturdy and durable. Whether you’re loading cargo or just need an extra boost to get in and out of your van, the Van Compass VS30 Rear Tug Step is a must-have accessory for any Sprinter owner.


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