Beatbox (10" Sub)


Beatbox (10" Sub)

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It’s no secret that the stock Sprinter audio is terrible. Not only is it hard to hear music, but it can be difficult to hear people you are talking to on the phone, and podcasts are tough to understand. This stereo system addresses all of these issues and can even give your passenger a nice butt massage while you are listening to your favorite tunes. The subwoofer is easily adjustable while driving with an adjustment knob. This system is made specifically for Sprinters with a heavy, rigid down-firing 10" subwoofer box and harnesses that are bespoke for the application. 

This includes all Arc Audio components (600.4 amplifier, X2 6.5 component speakers, A10 subwoofer), custom wiring harnesses, speaker adapters, and all hardware/screws/zip ties needed for installation. We even include extra door panel clips as some of those inevitably break when pulling door panels to install speakers. 

We recently updated this with an Arc Audio A10 Subwoofer. This 10" subwoofer is VERY robust and will satisfy everyone from a person that listens to talk radio all the way to someone who is an EDM addict. There's a subwoofer adjuster knob that makes it very easy to go from mild to wild while listening to audio in your van. 

This will fit any VS30 non chassis cab sprinter without OEM rear speakers that has a stock swivel or no swivel and nothing in the passenger seat base (like a heater, etc). If you have aftermarket swivels, it can work but you will likely need to use some spacers to keep the swivel off the subwoofer box. This does fit Storyteller Beast Mode vans with a bit of extra work to relocate the fuse panel that's installed in the passenger seat base.

Please note, this stereo does NOT natively support use with the Mercedes MBUX system off. It also does not natively support rear speakers. You may be able to run an auxiliary input source and auxiliary input source to listen to music while camping or add rear speakers in parallel to the door speakers, but that is not something we can give advice on or instructions for at this time.

Also note, 2023 Chassis Sprinters will need the 2023 Fitment Kit which contains a fuse, bus bar, and nuts.

See the Installation Instructions.

Please confirm the following in your order notes: 

- Chassis Year: 2019+ VS30 with factory 7" or 10" radio

- Chassis Style: Passenger / Cargo / Crew ONLY (Will not work with cab chassis)

- Swivels Type: Factory Swivels, No Swivels, Aftermarket Swivels

- Passenger Seat Base: Check here to confirm you do not have anything installed currently in the passenger seatbase. Can be used in a Storyteller Beast Mode (which has fuses in passenger seat base) with some reworking to move the fuse box.

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